Get to know him better 🧐

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s Daily Hustle, when I read Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power, I was grossly turned off by the despicable manipulation tactics that were seemingly championed in the book…

Soon after reading, I reached out to author Ryan Holiday who I know worked closely with Robert for an extended period of time and inquired about Robert’s character.

Holiday swore that Robert was a GREAT man and the book was simply a look into the psychological power tactics of gigantic historical figures. Regardless of the endorsement, I hadn’t read another Greene book since.

Then the other day when I read Ryan Holiday’s “Alive Time vs. Dead Time” post inspired by Robert Greene, I reached out to Ryan to tell him how much I enjoyed the message. Ryan responded by saying, “SEE… Robert Greene is the BEST.”

How many times in life do we have a first impression of somebody or something that isn’t necessarily favorable and then completely write them off for eternity?

In many cases, our gut instinct is correct, but when we completely shut somebody or something out in our lives, we could also be limiting our own potential because of it.

Realizing this could be the case in my literary relationship with Robert Greene, I responded to Ryan with a quote from our 16th President of The United States that is perfectly applicable in this situation:

“I don’t like that man, I must get to know him better.” – Abraham Lincoln

I’ll let you Go Hards know how Robert Greene’s new book is…

I’m getting to know him better. 🤓