Have to or GET TO???

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A few weeks back, I addressed the Can’t vs. the Won’t

So often in life, we say we can’t do something, yet in actuality, it’s not that we can’t do it; it’s that we won’t do it.

Upon reading/listening to the Can’t vs Won’t blog/podcast, my boy Kowalski reached out and said, “Reminds me of Donner… We have to or we GET to?!?!”

What Kowalski was referring to was just a couple weeks before the Let Them Play Tri Across America, we were haunted by a planned 7-mile Donner Lake training swim. Several days before the swim, we kept saying that, “We HAVE to swim 7 miles around Donner Lake in order to be fully prepared for the 7-mile San Francisco Bay swim.”

We both knew that completing the full 7 miles in a body of water similar to SF Bay temperatures and conditions would prepare us both physically and psychologically…

Yet, for whatever reason, this training day hung over our heads like a root canal. It was something we knew we had to get done and something that we knew would make us better for doing it, but gosh damn we dreaded the session.

The day before the training swim, Kowalski and I ran into a buddy who asked us if we wanted to do a loop around Lake Tahoe on our bikes. My response was, “We would love to but we HAVE to swim 7 miles around Donner Lake tomorrow.”

Kowalski then quickly interjected…

“Nah Roll Dog, we GET TO swim 7 miles around Donner Lake tomorrow.”

Dang… Kowalski’s had a good point… Never mind, he had a f*cking GREAT one. ☝️

How fortunate are we to have the physical capabilities to hop into a beautiful body of water and GET TO swim 7 miles?

How lucky are we that we have the means and support to be able to take the time from our everyday lives and GET TO hard charge this gnarly training sesh?

How blessed are we to have an opportunity to GET TO train for a transcontinental triathlon that hopefully has inspired and will continue to inspire children and adults to get their asses outside and PLAYING?

We say we “have” to do shit all the time but the amazing thing is that “have to” is a cynical mindset that we have complete and total control over…

Next time we catch ourselves saying:

“I have to go to the grocery store…”
“I have to get the car washed…”
“I have to workout…”

Remember we GET TO go to the grocery store because we have access to a store that sells food and we have the means and ability able to buy food…

We GET TO go to the car wash because we own a car…

We GET TO workout because we have physical gifts that allow us to do so…

On the surface, “have to” and “get to” mean virtually the same thing, yet in all actuality, they are complete and total opposites that epitomize the tail end of two mindsets.

Our mindsets are what ultimately determine who we are, what we do and how we do it…

Let’s make sure we choose wisely…