Give Wisely 🎁

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As we just celebrated this holiday season and draped our friends and family with all sorts of material gifts, I feel like it’s a good time to remind us how insignificant all of this shit really is…

By nature, we as human beings are hoarders and the ironic thing is that the more stuff we acquire, the more complicated and cluttered our lives become.

Yet we also like giving and receiving, so now what the f*ck are we supposed to do???

Well, there really is only one logical solution to this…

Do everything in our power to give & receive USEFUL SHIT!!!!

Books, massages, shows, vacations & championship sporting events top my list in case you were wondering what to get me for my next Bday. 🤷‍♂️

Look, this goes right back to my Dad saying there are only 2 things in life he could give me that nobody would ever be able to take away…

Education & Experience.

He told me he could give me a car and I could ghost ride that bitch off a cliff (apparently he had some experience). He could give me a sick crib and I could turn it into a freaking ANIMAL HOUSE (that was my sister Shea’s fault, it was her party). And he could give me a boat load of cash & I could easily go blow it on one 3 day Vegas binge (only happened once). 

So what was Dad’s ultimate point???

If there is no educational or experimental value in the gift, let’s do ourselves & everybody else a favor & fire it into the recycle bin.

Material possessions are fleeting indulgences that eventually take up way too much space, and even more importantly, consume way too much of the most valuable finite resource we have… 

Our time. 

Ultimately, knowledge, wisdom and pathways to doing EPIC SHIT are the only things that will ever have lasting sustainability in our lives or anybody else’s… 

Lets just always make sure to GIVE WISELY. 🎁