Great Eight

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I understand we have written a lot about Samurai culture recently at the Daily Hustle, but just as our dude Kowalski likes to say, “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing,” so we might as well keep the Samurai train rolling…

Samurais lived by a bushido code that set the principles, standards and expectations of the entire culture. The bushido forced samurais to adhere to 8 great virtues that outlined the expected characteristics of “the way of the warrior.” 

  1. Justice – Accountability reigns supreme. 
  2. Courage – Who will we be when adversity hits? 
  3. Honor – Honor is respect, respect is honor.  
  4. Loyalty – Our commitment to our teammates & our craft means EVERYTHING. 
  5. Benevolence – Be kind. 
  6. Politeness – Don’t be an asshole 
  7. Self control – If we can’t control ourselves & lead by example, how will we ever be able to lead other people? 
  8. Sincerity – Authenticity is the greatest characteristic we as human beings possess. 

Bottom line: We would all be a lot better off as individuals and as a society if we kept the Samurai GREAT EIGHT virtues at the forefront of everything that we do in our lives… 



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