The Great 8

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Yesterday we talked about “flow” and “the zone” and touched a little bit on what will help bring us to these heightened states of awareness… 

In his book titled “Flow,” author Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi brilliantly lays out 8 components that are directly related to flow state… 

Let’s dive in. 🏊🏼‍♂️ 

  1. Know what we have to do – Have a clear vision of what our goals are and how we plan on achieving them.
  2. Clarity of feedback – Be completely transparent with ourselves about our true progress.
  3. Worthy challenge – Too easy of a challenge will leave us disengaged and too hard of a challenge will leave us discouraged.
  4. Feeling of intense focus – Hyper focus on seeing the ball out of the hand or dialing in on the back of the rim.
  5. Escape reality forward – Recognize the past but don’t get caught in it… Our only escape of reality should be dialing in on the road map forward.
  6. In control on the edge – We need to push ourselves to the brink without falling off.
  7. Lose a sense of self conscious – Eliminate ego & opinions of all others.
  8. Sense of time becomes lost – Time is completely insignificant when we totally immerse ourselves with the task at hand. 

Like all else in life, flow isn’t given… It’s EARNED through relentless work and a progressive positive mindset that will inevitably propel us forward and that starts with THE GREAT 8. 👊


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