A Day Worth Celebrating

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Today is my sister Shea’s B-Day and it got me reflecting on our relationship throughout the years…

When we were little, I was her shadow and would follow her and my older cousin Brian around everywhere. All I wanted to do was fit in and in a lot of ways, Shea and Brian were my first role models in life. The way they would read books and dominate a Sorry or Chutes & Ladders game was admirable and dominating, to say the least… 

Of course, I always wanted to play and compete with them but being 2 years younger oftentimes put me at a serious disadvantage.

As a super-competitive, hyperactive rug rat, it was only natural to get upset and take extreme retaliation measures after tough losses, or well, just because… That said, I am not making any excuses for my adolescent emotionally overactive juvenile behavior, quite the opposite actually. I want to use this Daily Hustle platform to take accountability for a few of my aggressive happenings over the years… 

So… Here we go. 

Hi Sis 🙂 

First & foremost, I just wanted to say that when I threw your furniture out the window and peed on it, I’m pretty sure that was Cousin Brian’s idea… Well, not the pee part, I just had to go. Regardless, our behavior was destructive and unacceptable, sorry. 😐 

Secondly, the time I went Randy Macho Man Savage and leaped from the top of the loft bed and broke your arm, that was 100% unintentional… Not the leap, that was badass, but obviously I didn’t mean to hurt you. I truly thought the pillows I fired on top of you would have prevented any serious injuries… Guess I thought wrong. 

Lastly, I wanted to thank you for letting me use your car whenever I wanted to when I was 14… Even though you never gave me permission, I feel like by leaving the keys out in the open, that was the silent wink wink, go ahead and go for a joy ride little bro! Who knew that Sidensol, Clebch, Krefetz, Quellmalz, Hayes and I could all fit into a 1984 Nissan Pulsar? And I’m pretty sure all the girls we scared at Katie Dissemeyer’s camp out were appreciative as well…

Look, I realize I haven’t always been the best brother and really don’t compliment you all that much, but to be totally honest, the way you have charged through life from the very beginning has been a complete and total inspiration to how I have lived my life… The self-reliant, working traveler you became after college was just f*cking fantastic and always made me proud to answer any and every question about you. 

Now, to get to see the incredible wife and savage working mother you have become has been a constant reminder that we all have the ability to do a lot more than we think we are capable of. 

After Dad passed, we were in a tough place… I detached from the world, didn’t talk to anybody and went into a shell for several weeks why you stepped up and dealt with absolutely everything. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you being the ROCK of this family and for everything you have done to make sure the Byrnes’ JUST KEEP CHARGING.

Don’t know much, but I can guarantee you this… Dad’s smiling from above today with a gigantic glass of Pinot Noir celebrating the daughter, sister, wife, and mother you have become while telling anybody who will listen how f*cking proud he is. 🍷