Happy Suffering 👊

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We have all heard the term “pain is weakness leaving the body” but is that truly the case or just some blow hard bullshit and false bravado phrase? 

Let’s examine… 

Of course each and every one of us has endured pain in some capacity, but it didn’t necessarily ever feel like weakness leaving the body to me…

There are obviously 2 different kinds of pain, physical and emotional.

As any athlete knows in order to build strength, we must break down the muscles and then allow them to grow during the recovery process… The thousands of hours of training put in over countless years throughout my quest to play Major League Baseball involved a shit ton of pain but also a shit ton of progress…

From an emotional perspective, the trials and tribulations I have experienced through loss and heartbreak is very real and obviously when in the moment, just plain sucked…  Yet through these difficulties came a resilient mindset constructed by the beautiful blood, sweat and tears of life.

Pain is pain and no matter who you are it is going to hurt… Ultimately though, when we are able to embrace the pain for its intrinsic value, there is absolutely no doubt that pain will inevitably strengthen our weaknesses. 

Happy suffering. 👊



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