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Ever since I was a kid, I had benchmarks that I would use to hold myself accountable to the process…

At a very young age when I was doing karate, I was taught by my 4th degree black belt sensei that YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN…

So if I wanted to EARN one of those gigantic trophies at the international karate championships, I knew I needed to DO THE WORK to make it happen…

Of course this meant extra time in the dojo diligently practicing my kata routines and sparring techniques…

Yes, the sensei just so happened to be my Dad, but whether or not I was going to put in the necessary work wasn’t up to him, it was up to ME.

Fast forward through an 11 season MLB career and hundreds of ultra endurance endeavors and I found myself back where I started, facing an incredible challenge head on asking myself, “What is it going to take to get where I want to go?”

47 years ago, an Australian mate by the name of Ian Colston played 401 holes of golf without a cart, shattering the previous world record…

47 years later, I will attempt the feat that nobody has been able to beat in nearly a half century…

Yet, not sure how many have actually tried 🙂

To be totally honest, I have no f*ing idea whether or not I will be able to surpass 401 holes. Yet, I do know through a lifetime of experience that the only way I will be able to have any chance at breaking the record is by fully comprehending exactly what the task entails… Then it becomes a simple matter of immersing myself in the process of the work…

By my calculation, it will take no less than 103 miles of running to reach the 402 mark. Knowing this for the past several months, I have been routinely knocking out 100 plus mile weeks. As far as the golf element, I have dialed in my club selection, “Hot Lucy,” a women’s 8 iron, and have brought her with me just about everywhere I have gone, including all long runs and of course every speed golf session I have been able to participate in.

So many unknowns will be faced April 22nd, but at this point, I feel like we have done our best to control the variables within our control.

The cow is in the barn… It’s time to SLAUGHTER.

Regardless if I break the record, this day is WAY BIGGER than me or any crazy world record.

This day will be a celebration of kids PLAYING…

Local Half Moon Bay youth athletic teams will compete in fun events to EARN grants, and these grants are only made possible by the generous contributions of you guys and our amazing sponsors, including:

1.  High Five Video Conferencing (Joe Manuele) 🖥
2.  The Hustle Podcast (Yup, we personally bought a hole) 🎙
3.  The F*IT List – Life Lessons From A Human Crash Test Dummy (Never mind, we bought 2 holes) 📖
4.  Judy Byrnes from Caldwell Banker Residential Real Estate (That’s MOM coming up HUGE) 🏡
5.  Harmony Capital (Rob & Trina) 🙏
6.  The Princi Family (Joey Bag of Doughnuts) 🍩
7.  Suntrust Bank (The ROCK) 🏔
8.  Amirrato Family (Z LOVE) ❤️
9.  Dr. Denise Henderson Dental Practices (Hendu’s)
10. Redside (Royer Family)
11. The Lion King (Simba) 🦁
12. The Ramsey Family (Amy & James)
13. The Bromberg Family (Melinda & Jesse)
14. Nightingale CBD Cream (Pat B) 🤗
15. Jonas Mikals from Martis Camp Real Estate (Serving your Lake Tahoe Needs) 🌅
16. X 8 Energy Gum 😋
17. Dr. Jason Henderson Dental
18. Rhodes Family – Jeff & Tracy
19. Sock Prints 🧦
20. Old Princeton Landing (OPL) 🍻

We are only as effective as our next donation, so this is the one time ask for your help…

Please understand that we deliver grants from $500 to $5000 across the United States and EVERY dollar helps kids all over the country get outside and PLAY!!!!

Here is link to support the event, we are very GRATEFUL for your support. 🙏

See you on the other side,