Intellectual Balls 🧠🧠

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Was reading our favorite rocket scientist Ozan Varol the other day, and he made a brilliant observation about the way we digest information…

Varol mentioned the gross convenience of what is provided through algorithms and then questioned what, if anything, we are actually doing about it.

The underlying question becomes why in the fuck are we going to let a computer formula decide what we are going to consume? 

Naturally, the computers are simply going to force feed us more and more of the same shit that we hold to be truths, but what good is that actually doing for us and society when it comes to progressively moving forward? 

Varol even went so far to say that we are being “intellectually castrated” and he’s absolutely balls on… When we fail to utilize all of our resources, we lose the juice-full power behind our intelligence. 

The one sided news is bad enough, but add in slanted books and other material and we are basically brainwashing ourselves on a daily basis…

That all said, we must force ourselves to look, watch, listen and read outside the box. 

Varol ended his beautiful rant by quoting Haruki Murakami…

“If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”

Let’s just make sure to not let the computers take away our intellectual balls. 🧠🧠



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