Why I Stand ??

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My first reaction to Colin Kapernick sitting down during the national anthem was an extreme feeling of disappointment. I had the opportunity to interview Kap when I was working in radio and I truly believe he is a good kid and he has a big heart.

I also agree with a lot of Kap’s message.  I believe that there is a disturbing amount of social injustice within our country and even more so around the world.  There is no doubt that ACTION needs to be taken.

The problem is that sitting down during the National Anthem is a divisive action and I truly believe the only way to fix social inequality is through UNITY NOT DIVISION.

Kap has a unique opportunity to use his voice and his actions to bring people together.  If he wants to make a real difference he needs to take a big time leadership role in different community outreach programs.  He should use every free moment he has to speak and moderate town hall meetings across the country, bringing inner city youth and police officers together.   This problem needs to be fixed at the root.  Spread a message of togetherness and love, not division and hate.

The National Anthem was and still is a time I am able to stand up, place my right hand over my heart, bow my head and show gratitude for the sacrifices others have made for me to be able to play or watch a GAME that I love.

I am sure the National Anthem and the American Flag are symbols that mean something different for each individual but there is no doubt that both represent the democratic society that we created 240 years ago.  Over the years our country has continued to develop and grow, most of the time in a positive direction and other times we have experienced serious setbacks. Regardless, the anthem continues to play, the flag continues to fly and just about all continue to stand.

Yet, the greatest thing about our country is that Colin Kapernick does not have to stand for the National Anthem or salute the American flag.  He has the freedom of speech and the right to express his message without getting thrown in prison or executed.

Ultimately, he made the decision to sit through the national anthem and articulately expressed his reasons for doing so.

Me, I am going to stand.

I stand for democracy.

I stand for those who have fought and continue to fight for our country’s freedom.

I stand for all branches of Military.

I stand for those killed in action protecting your ass and mine.

I stand for their families.

I stand for the values and principles our nation was founded on.

I stand for our founding fathers.

I stand for our forefathers.

I stand for our government structure.

I stand for George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Rossevelt, FDR, JFK and Ronald Reagan.

I stand for all US Presidents and the sanctity of the Presidential office.

I stand for Alexander Hamilton.

I stand for Geronimo, Sacagawea and Sitting Bull.

I stand for Lewis and Clark.

I stand for John Muir.

I stand for Martin Luther King, Fredrick Douglas and Rosa Parks.

I stand for Jim Thorpe and Muhammid Ali.

I stand for Jackie Robinson.

I stand for Pat Tillman.

I stand to express my gratitude for working people who continue to make our country safe and operational.

I stand for public servants and government officials.

I stand for teachers.

I stand for fire fighters.


I stand up because Colin Kapernick has the right to sit down…