Juicefull = Useful

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Throughout the course of our lives, we are given compliments and some obviously resonate with us more than others…  

Sure the source is a big factor when it comes to what sort of effect it will eventually have on our lives… Yet, no matter who it comes from, words of praise can have a significant impact on our confidence and fuel our journey going forward. 

Knowing how we can be positively charged when showered with LOVE, wouldn’t it make sense to look for specific opportunities where we can spread the love ourselves? 🤷‍♂️

Don’t worry, I’ll answer for you… 


The world is this beautiful magnetic field, and when we are able to energize those around us, we are attracting that same positive charge into our own lives… 

Look, I’m not asking you to toss out a bunch of fake ass bullshit for the selfish sake of hoping someone returns something of real value, because the only thing coming back will be the exact same load of inconsequential crap that you threw out. 

What I am asking, however, is that when you recognize positive qualities in others that inspire and influence future actions, share that rocket fuel with not only that specific person you got it from, but with all others that you know who could potentially benefit from the JUICE. 

Bottom line as we have mentioned before in the Daily Hustle… 

When we are juiceless, we are f*cking useless, YET when we are JUICEFULL, we are USEFUL. 👊

Stay Hyped,