Just Cause

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Let’s take Simon Sinek’s new book, The Infinite Game, and dive in a bit more… 

Sinek originally wrote a book called Start With Why, which basically suggested that no matter what we do with our lives, we need to first figure out WHY we are doing it…  A novel concept that far too many of us completely ignore until we figure out that we’ve spent the past several years doing something that we don’t love doing, trying to appease people we don’t really like… It’s only at this point when we are forced to answer the “why” question, and the response typically looks something like this:


Yet when we start with why, at the very least we have a reason for doing what we do, so we know that what may seem like tedious work will eventually pay dividends for a much grander purpose.  

That brings us to our “just cause” that Sinek discusses in the infinite game.

The why is our why and gives us reason and motivation to keep charging along.  Yet, our “just cause” is something that is way bigger than us, and a matter of fact, something we are willing to die for… Because we will. 

“F*ck Byrnes… All this sounds way too gnarly for me…”

“Hey Stevie SuperSoft!!!!  Actually really isn’t that gnarly dude… It’s a beautiful thing and possibly our best chance at any sort of eternal life… Hate to break it to you Stevie, but you are going to die.  Knowing this, what’s the one thing that you feel so deeply passionate about that you would want to do everything in your power to ensure it outlives you? Whatever that is young Go Soft, that is your ‘just cause.’ 

Because I am a bit terrified to hear yours at this moment of your life, let me share mine: 

My ‘Why’ – Influence & inspire individuals to maximize their potential by living an efficient and effective life predicated on a relentless work ethic and doing epic shit. 

My ‘Just Cause’ – Help people understand the enormous physical and psychological value of play for both children and adults, and provide means and resources to ensure all kids have an opportunity to play… It’s not a privilege, it is their RIGHT. 

You see Stevie, it’s not complicated, just a couple things that bring significant value to our lives when we are here, and hopefully long after…

Why don’t you just meditate on this shit for awhile, then when you are ready for your balls to drop, hit me back up and I’ll help you out.”