Just Keep Smiling 😊

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Chris Anderson was my daughter Chloe’s first ski coach, and former tennis player at the University of Arizona…

It didn’t take long for me to realize Peanut was in good hands. Chris’s energy and eternal positive vibes were off the charts… 

As a matter of fact, it was Chris who came up to me after one of Peanut’s first ski races where she finished toward the very bottom and said “give her a year and she will be beating all of them.”

That was tough to comprehend at the time, but sure enough, a year later she was finishing races at or near the very top. 

Unfortunately, Chris wasn’t physically there to see the dramatic turnaround… 

He was tragically killed in a car accident at 7:30 am in the morning when he was hit head-on by a drunk driver right before he was going to turn into the Northstar Ski Resort to meet the kids… 

Needless to say, the entire Northstar community was incredibly shaken up… I had the opportunity to meet Chris’s family at the memorial, and it was easy to see how Chris became the man he did. 

Just recently, Chris’s Mom & Dad, Nancy & Gary, sent me a quotation book that Chris put together for his senior project and it is simply FANTASTIC. There are 11 sections with several quotes in each section pertaining to the subject. I have picked a quote from each section for us Daily Hustlers to digest and dissect…

For the sake of length, we are going to break the Chris Anderson Quotation Sensation Book Review into a few different Daily Hustles… 

That said.. Let’s Ride. 👊


“Let others cheer the winning man,
There’s one I hold worthwhile;
‘Tis he who does the best he can,
Then loses with a smile.
Beaten he is, but not to stay
Down with rank and file;
That man will win some other day,
Who loses with a smile.”
– Anonymous 

There were a lot of quotes in the courage section that was worthy of the Daily Hustle top spot, but this one hit home… 

Probably because I felt like Chris was talking to me again after Peanut’s first ski race… 

She has ALWAYS been the gracious loser with a big ass grin on her face. Of course, she has done her best and has a burning desire to win, but whether she ends up on the podium or not, she is the most humble and supportive teammate and competitor imaginable.

Bottom line: Wins and losses are fleeting and in many aspects completely outside of our control… Yet maintaining the right attitude and FULL SEND effort will always win in the long run. 

Simply put… Just keep smiling. 😊


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