The Mistake By The Lake

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A few weeks ago, Kowalski & I decided to run the 72-mile loop around Lake Tahoe… 

We have ridden our bikes around the lake countless times but figured why not go ahead and give it a run this time.

Several sections of the loop have long paths that stretch many miles at a time, but there are also a lot of sections that have no path and very little to no shoulder…

Well aware of this challenge, we figured if we made the voyage on foot from Chicago to NYC, how bad could it be navigating the roads around the lake? 

BAD… Very BAD.

In the entire Chicago to NYC journey we never encountered anything like Hwy 50 on the South and East Shore of the lake… ZERO bike lanes coupled with speeding cars going 80 plus mph literally had us running for our lives. We expected a long day of running and a little traffic dodging in a few areas, but we never expected to find ourselves in the midst of a real life game of Frogger.

Oftentimes in life we underestimate a scenario and then find ourselves trying to figure out how it happened… 

Well, let me enlighten us… Underestimation is caused by one main thing… LACK of preparation. 

Being the Tahoe local that has navigated the lake many times before, I take full responsibility for not comprehending just how HAIRY running the same route would be… I took for granted the fact that I thought I knew exactly what the route would be like but in reality, I had never gone counterclockwise around the lake and I surely had never run it.

Had I done more navigational preparation, I would have paid attention to all of the areas with blind turns and no shoulders and simply realized it wasn’t worth the risk… That said, I didn’t, so Kowalski & I got to experience one helluva adventure.

We here at the Daily Hustle will always encourage and support hard charging lifestyles and doing EPIC shit is pretty much a GO HARD prerequisite… Yet, if we can learn one thing from our Mistake By The Lake, don’t ever underestimate the unknown and always be sure to diligently prepare for any and all scenarios…


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