We got lemons 🍋

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We all have heard the phrase, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” 

Most likely, one of our parents brought the lemons up when we were kids and something didn’t necessarily work out the way we would have liked…

If you were like me, you wanted to tell Mom & Dad to shut the fuck up but realized if you ever wanted to leave your room again, that probably wasn’t the best idea. Ultimately, we were left to deal with whatever difficult situation was presented and you know what we did?!?!

We fucking dealt with it…

Eventually, we realized that we were still breathing and life was actually going to go on so we figured our shit out. 

One of our main civic duties as human beings is to make the most of what we got… Yes I realize the lemon thing is overplayed, but the reality is that we have a responsibility to society to make the absolute most out of the precious resources presented to us. 

This goes all the way back to our hunter & gatherer days when we literally would live off of the land and use whatever was available to survive.

So… Here we are, stuck in our homes unable to operate the way we are normally used to. Most of us at one point or another have complained about our lives being disrupted and inconvenienced… We have been forced to find new ways to operate in all facets of life, and quite frankly, I believe it’s been a freaking fantastic and long overdue challenge.

Throughout the years, we have become far too comfortable in just about everything that we do. Life has become more and more catered to every one of our needs and if anything, this time of social distancing will ideally bring us back towards our roots and teach us how to become less reliant on other people and things…

No, I don’t expect to see people doing chase hunts to eat (although that would be kinda cool), but I do expect people to figure out ways to become more efficient, effective and resourceful than we have in recent years.

Life has officially given each of us lemons… I have never been a huge fan of lemonade, but you bet your ass I am going to go get the tequila and salt.

Cheers 🍋🥃 



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