Lens of Truth

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Typically here at the Daily Hustle, we promote optimism and a positive & progressive mindset that advocates a hard-charging lifestyle predicated on mental toughness & next level affirmations… 

We would never discourage somebody’s dreams and truly feel that with the right attitude and the proper work ethic, just about anything is possible.

That said, it is also critically important that we see the world as it is, not as we wish it would be… 

Too often in life, we see life through the jaded and distorted lens that confirms our biases rather than the lens that tells us the truth.

Recently I ran into a situation where I had to deal with somebody that had such a distorted sense of reality that it wasn’t only embarrassing, but it was sad.  

His perception was so off that “delusional” would be a kindest way to describe it… What took his view point from embarrassing to sad was the fact that he actually was in a semi-position of power and his influence infiltrated others close to him and they simply didn’t know any better.

Look, it’s only natural for us to find confirmation biases everywhere… Basic human nature and social media algorithms are who to blame, yet if we want to continue to progress as individuals and as a society, we MUST force ourselves to step back and take a good hard look through the LENS OF TRUTH. 



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