Sometimes less is more 🤷‍♂️

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When quarantine started, I put together a Daily Hustle list for my kids which included a thorough report each day to be completed on a different President of the United States… 

Recently, I noticed that they had fallen behind on their reports and I originally perceived it as a blatant act of defiance… Frustrated, I was going to make sure the little shits would be held accountable for their refusal to participate but then quickly realized I was being over emotional and was taking my feelings way too personally.

Ultimately, I decided to explore the reason why the reports were not getting done before levying any sort of punishment… 

It was very apparent that the kids were overloaded with school work which caused the President reports to take a back seat. 

Figuring the kids have done a good job overall by consistently completing all of the other Daily Hustle tasks, I decided to make an adjustment on my end.

Instead of having them do the report which originally required them looking up the President and then providing at least 3 facts, I made it easy on them by writing down the President we were going to be learning about that day and starting off with my own golden nugget of information about the man… 

The only thing I required the kids to do was come up with 1 additional interesting fact about that President.

Ironically, since we have started the new reports, they have gotten done each day and because we have been working TOGETHER on the reports to each deliver just one thing, the facts have been much more fascinating and they have even become a talking point at the dinner table. 

By delegating the work and working as a family/team, the reports have become much more efficient, effective and most importantly, they are actually getting done! 

The entire point of the President report is to learn from the character, successes and failures of our past leaders and then apply those lessons to our own lives and the world today.

As our 40th President Ronald Reagan so brilliantly said…

“Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere as long as the policy you’ve decided upon is being carried out.”

Tough to find much better than our own family, it’s always a good idea to delegate power and no need to interfere at this point because the Daily Hustle President Report Policy is now consistently being carried out… 

Moral of the story: Sometimes by giving the kids LESS work, we all will get much more out of it. 👊



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