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Just finished the Indiana Jones movies and yes there is a reason why he was voted the greatest movie character of all time… 

The entire collection was full of one liners that made us laugh and think at the same time. In the final movie of the quad set, “Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull,” there is a scene where Indiana crashes a motorcycle into the university library where he worked as a professor… As all the students looked on in complete shock, there was one kid that remained in his seat and said:

“Excuse me Dr. Jones, I just had a question on Hargrove’s normative culture model…”

IJ: “Read Vere Gordan Childe on diffusionism. He spent most of his life in the field…” 

As he hopped back onto the motorcycle, Indiana then followed up with a quote that is representative of the entire Indiana Jones character and mantra…

“If you want to be an archaeologist, you gotta get out of the library.”  


There is a certain element of education that we are able to acquire through a text book, but the reality is that the most significant learning takes place through experience. 

No matter how many books I have read on the technique of hitting a baseball, there was no way I was going to improve without consistently getting into a batting cage as well as getting at bats in real games… 

No matter how many books I read on triathlon, the only way to build endurance and speed is by hammering hard core training sessions and the only way to improve as a racer is by actually racing! 

As we have said 9,000 times here in the Daily Hustle, education and experience are the only two things nobody will ever be able to take away from us… Yet, we must remember that we will never be able to complete our education without acquiring experience by getting by our asses “OUT OF THE LIBRARY.”



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