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No matter what your faith or spiritual background may be I am a true believer that things happen for a reason…

BUT if, and only if, we LOOK for it.

Never before in my lifetime have we seen anything like this COVID-19 outbreak… On the surface, there have been unprecedented amounts of pain, suffering, and death that have essentially brought all of us to our knees and the entire world to a halt.

So of course, it got me wondering what sort of “reason” or underlying lessons and messages of positivity are we able to take from this horrific pandemic that has scared the shit out of just about all of us. 💩 

  1. Slow life down. 🚧
    As a society, for whatever reason, we seem to be in a constant hurry… We hurry to grow up, hurry to get through college, hurry to master our field, hurry to find our significant other, hurry to have kids, and then hurry to get them out of the house… We hurry through Friday night bingo and retirement altogether and before we realize it, a lightbulb goes out and we are left in the dark wondering why the fuck we just hurried through the most precious resource we ever possessed… Life. 
  2. Reconnect with those closest to us. 👯‍♀️
    We have spent way too much of our lives trying to please people that, in the grand scheme of things, don’t really matter… This social distancing period has brought us together with the ones that are most important RIGHT NOW and have had us reaching out to all the other people in our lives that actually mean something. 
  3. Appreciate the “mod cons”. 🙌 
    Our dude Kowalski likes to refer to modern conveniences as “mod cons,” so for the sake of our boy we will roll with it… As all sporting events and public gatherings have ceased, and all schools, bars, restaurants and health clubs have closed their doors, it really makes us grateful for our ability to still communicate through modern technology. 🤳Even more so, it makes us incredibly appreciative for everyone who works in the service industry and the invaluable services they provide. 🙏
  4. Empathy runs rampant. 😔
    Just as this virus has spread all over the world in a very short period of time, so has empathy… Of course, there are still the assholes out there that only think and care about themselves and their own selfish needs, but for the most part, the world has been incredibly empathetic in an effort to “flatten the curve” and help all those who are infected.
  5. Look within. 🧘
    During times of crisis, we have two choices: Number one, freak the fuck out, or number two, quiet the mind and look within ourselves to reflect upon the person we have been, the person we currently are and the person we wish to become.

Yes, I realize how difficult these times are for all of us and I don’t wish this potentially deadly virus on my worst enemy, yet through these trying times, we must remember everything happens for a reason, so long as we are willing to LOOK FOR IT. 👀 

Stay quarantined 😷



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