Air, Food, Water, LOVE ❤️

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As we have mentioned several times before here in the Daily Hustle, there are four essentials in life that we must have access to in order to survive…

  1. Air – Can’t breathe, can’t live. 
  2. Food – Can’t eat, can’t live. 
  3. Water – Can’t hydrate, can’t live. 
  4. Love – Can’t love, can’t live.

Yes, I realize that there are a lot of lone rangers out there trying to call my bluff right now…

Especially this group of Daily Hustling Ultra Alpha GO HARDS that think they can charge through life on their own, totally unaffected by our 4th survival element, or lack thereof… 

You ever wonder why when Grandma dies, Grandpa takes the plunge right behind her???

Yup… Love actually does bite… It will chomp our f*cking heads off if we let it.

Got a good buddy of mine, Woodstock, yes that is his real name and it’s beautifully fantastic… He is an ultra runner with several 100-mile finishes notched in his belt. A couple of years ago, he went out to do a 100-mile banger near the Grand Canyon and it didn’t turn out the way he had hoped… He was a veteran of the ultra game, yet by mile 60 he dropped out of the race, and to this day, it is the only race he has ever dropped out of in his life.

Sure, there were some nutrition issues, but what I recently learned when we were hanging out after the Let Them Play Triathlon Across America documentary in Tempe was that he had NO crew. He had nobody there to help with the physical necessities of running 100 miles, but most importantly, he had nobody there to help support and nurture the mind.

Human beings have been and always will be pack animals… 

As much as we like to believe that we are completely capable of surviving on our own, the fact is that we need each other to survive and thrive in an ever-changing world that relentlessly challenges us on a daily basis.

Not to say that we can’t get by on our own for a short period of time or that solitude is a bad thing at all… As Lord Byron’s famous quote so often reminds us: “In solitude, we are least alone.”  

This definitely can be true, but it is only true if we build relationships and nourish them to the point where we will be able to hold onto the LOVE that has been developed and maintained throughout the course of the years of our life.

Sure, we can go a certain amount of time without love the same way we can go a certain amount of time without air, food, and water… Ultimately though, we must be able to tap into these precious and mandatory resources; otherwise, just like our dude Woodstock, our race will come to an unfortunate early end.  

The good thing is that Core 4 is easily accessible and available in all sorts of different forms…. 

So long as we are willing to put in the work to look for the elements and then engage in the consumption, just as our dude Jerry Garcia reminds us: “We will get by… We will survive.”

Just a few weeks later after his first and only DNF, Woodstock showed back up to the start line of another 100 milers fully fueled and stocked in all of the Core 4 categories, including a crew of people to turn on the shower of LOVE at a moment’s notice… 

The result? A PR and the absolute race of his life thus far… 

I F*ING LOVE IT (pun intended.) 

Happy Valentines Day, EB