Let Go Let Love

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Think of your worst enemy in life…

You picture them yet?

Their face with that smirky, shit-eating grin telling you to go f*ck yourself…

I imagine just the mere thought of them incites a wide range of emotions…

Annoyed, irritated, and enraged are the first 3 that come to my mind.

Emotions become feelings, then feelings typically translate into irrational actions that bring us down to their bottom-dwelling, soul-sucking level.

We know that these people have hate in their heart and a disdain for the way we live our life, so the golden question then becomes what to do about it?

“Confront them in a dark alley after a long night of binge drinking then beat the f*ck out of them.” 🤷‍♂️

NO my Psycho, Go Hard Nut Job.

We need to let go & let love…


Yup… Love is the most powerful energy and emotion on earth. It’s only when we are able to emit love in the face of hate that we will be able to forgive and ultimately let go…

“Come on Byrnes, how am I supposed to send love to this piece of shit? Yesterday, I saw him walking across the street and was really hoping he got whacked by the Samtrans Bus that came flying by.”

It’s easy… you aren’t doing it for him or her, you are doing it for you.

We will never be able to please everybody no matter what we do or say in life. There is absolutely no point reciprocating negative energy thrown our way. We have no idea what hardships our enemy has endured to carry so much hate, but let that hate kill them, not us.

Life is created by TIME, ENERGY and EXPERIENCE

Don’t ever let anybody waste your time, suck your energy or steal your experiences.

The only true way to prevent this is actually pretty f*ing simple…