Lower Expectations

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We now officially live in the “self-help age” focused on instant gratification…

We are told from all of our life coaches that the sky’s the limit and the world is our oyster. There is nothing we can’t do and nothing we can’t have…

Why would we possibly have to put in actual work for something when I can just find another quick fix life hack?

The Problem:

Many of these motivational gurus and life coaches are really good at talking the talk. They typically are very well educated and have some sort of degree or certification that tells us we should listen to what they have to say and buy what they are selling.

Call me old fashioned, but I am a sucker for experience. Forgive the baseball analogy, but I prefer to listen to somebody that has a little dirt under their cleats… Never mind, what I really want is life’s dirt splattered all over their F*ING uniform…

When we buy into false narratives delivered by inexperienced arrogance, we generally end up with unrealistic expectations predicated on an unrealistic, unsustainable process.

Human Crash Test Dummy Solution:

Although there are definitely more efficient ways to achieve success, there is no substitute for the work that must be put into the process. In order to achieve our ultimate goal, we must lean on coaches and mentors who have a realistic vision of the sustainable process… Ultimately, we must lower our expectations of the desired outcome and put all of our focus on building the foundation to the high rise…

It’s possible to go from the warehouse to the penthouse, but we must stop at each floor along the way…

Team Go Hard Task:

Goal setting time: I am not asking you to eliminate your dream goal of owning a G-5 and a Mega Yacht you cruise between San Tropez and Ibiza… I just want you to focus on the immediate checklist goals that will improve your quality of life, which will eventually lead to the proletariat lifestyle and F*CK YOU money.

This is my updated daily F*IT List.

22 Items that help me optimize my lifestyle on a daily basis

These are my daily checklist goals that set me up for success in every arena of my life.

Create your own list of at least 10 things you want to hold yourself accountable to on a daily basis.

Feel free to steal mine…

It’s a f*cking game changer.