Keep making moves 🕺🏼

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Loyal Daily Hustler RTL sent me a youtube clip the other day titled: “You didn’t want to beat him.” 

In the clip, legendary Iowa wrestling coach Dan Gable is in the locker room immediately after a match in which the kid scraped his way to a draw against a dude that had manhandled him twice before… 

“You didn’t want to beat him… You wanted to tie… You didn’t want to lose to him because he beat you twice before… You will NEVER win that way.” 

Damn, that’s some harsh ass truth right there after a hard-fought match… 

Two takeaways right here: 

  1. Usually, after a tie, we will hear things like “way to battle” and “helluva fight,” but Gable had no problem sharing his subjective opinion as to what he saw… Too often in today’s world, we try to sugar coat shit and then a false sense of security has the potential to set in without recognizing the reality of the situation.
  2. Every one of us at some point has played NOT to lose… We as humans “like” to succeed but we f*cking “hate” to fail… Our egos get bruised and our self-worth questioned. We subconsciously put up a defense mechanism to try to safeguard us from failure. By nature, we kinda are a bunch of weenies. 

Figuring this wrestler already lost 2 different times to his opponent, it is at this point he should have been his most aggressive, gunslinging, knife-wielding savage self… 

The most dangerous person we will ever face in our lives is the one who has nothing to lose.

Knowing this, whenever we are in a position where we feel like we have nothing to lose, it’s our job to recognize we are in a position of F*CKING POWER. 

Gable claims that aggression is the backbone of his philosophy and maintains that “the more moves that you make, the better chance you have of scoring.”

Most of us figured that out in the bar back in the day, but in a twisted yet similar way, in order to score in a bar, a wrestling match or the game of life, just like Gable said, we need to make sure we fight to WIN, always stay aggressive and keep MAKING MOVES. 🕺🏼