Maximum Impact 👊

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So often, we wonder if what we are doing is actually making any sort of impact or we just so happen to be spinning the wheel in the eternal rat race to f*cking nowhere… 

Let’s take the Daily Hustle for example.

Basically for the past 2 years, we have committed to delivering content of value based on acquired education and experiences…

Ideally I would like to think that some of you have been able to take a few of the lessons and apply them in a way that has continued to help you charge through the journey of life.

Unless you happen to be an omnipotent narcissistic prick, we all want knowledge and guidance that has the potential to positively impact everything we do.

But the question then becomes….

What the f*ck are you doing with it? 

Yes it should start with applying it to all arenas of your life, but what about those around you? 

Are you sharing what we learn on a daily basis or are you hoarding it for yourself because you got yours and you’re good… 

Look, just like the African proverb says, if we want to go fast, go alone, if we want to go far, we need to go together.

We talk all the time about how important it is to surround ourselves with the right team; well, in order for us to be good teammates, we need to spread the love.

We MUST have our “inner circle” team on the exact same page we are.

The responses that I have gotten about the Daily Hustles have been overwhelmingly awesome and I am very grateful for them… To be totally honest, the reactions to the Daily Hustles from people close to me in my life is the absolute main reason they even exist at this point.

As we charge into 2020, we are full f*cking send committed to making the biggest impact possible, and this starts with trying to expand our audience with people we believe fit into our tribe.

Outside of an occasional Let Them Play donation or F*IT List book sale, we hardly ever ask for shit from you guys… 

This one won’t cost you a single gosh damn dollar or take more than 2 minutes of your time… 

That said, we humbly ask to think of 3 or more people that you know in your life that you believe could benefit from the Daily Hustle messages… 

Got them? 

GOOD. 🤡💩👻

Now click on the link below and fire their e mail address into the front page:

Then click JOIN NOW! 

If you want to tell them you signed them up… Great. 👍 

If you don’t want to tell them, no worries. 😉 

My basic sell to any new Daily Hustler that you can share with your new enlistees is “just give it a week…” 

Read or listen to a Monday through Friday Daily Hustle, and if at the end of the week you feel like you wasted your time, you can tell us to f*ck off and then click unsubscribe. 🖕

I realize not every Daily Hustle is going to resonate with each person the same exact way and that’s why we need the week… We are all at different stages of our life and some messages ring much louder for certain people as opposed to others.

That said, expanding our audience is critical in the never ending constant chase to achieve MAXIMUM IMPACT. 👊

Thank you for your help & lets keep HUSTLING. 🙏