Dear MLB Network, it was a helluva ride 🙏

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Life isn’t lived in years, it’s lived in moments, and some of the very best & most entertaining moments of my life have happened at MLB Network… 

All any of us can hope to do for a living is something we love and there are no words to describe what working at the Network over the past decade meant to me.

As a kid I dreamt of doing two things with my life…

  1. Playing Major League Baseball 
  2. Becoming a sports broadcaster 

10 years ago I was given an opportunity to be a part of the MLB Network family, and now 10 years later, I humbly say goodbye to the Network that gave me a chance to fulfill the 2nd part of my boyhood dream.

I wasn’t a Hall of Fame player and I have never been the most polished broadcaster, but MLB took a chance by giving me a shot to share my knowledge, wisdom and rather unique perspective on this game I love so much… 

Most importantly, I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who made my experiences at the Network so enjoyable and leave my SQUAD with a few parting words… 

Harold – 42 – House that H built
BK – Keep Daily Hustling
Amsinger – Bout time to let your hair down
Matty V – Long live the walkout
Yaloff – Inspiration
Case – You’re the unicorn, don’t ever change
Plesac – Goofy Genius
Millar – U changed the game my DUDE
Rose – Picture perfect we don’t need NO FILTER
Shehadi – Dang we had some fun
Kelly – Biggest heart I’ve ever met
Heidi – Foot board buddies for life #FresnoMatters
DV – Class act my man
Smoltz – Stay cheesy
Pedro – Licey Campeon
Al – We’re making ADHD great again
Billy – Jacket on?
J Hart – The MAN
D O’D – Trades happen
Braun – Keep GRINDING
Nelson – NEVER STOP innovating
Mad Dog – All bark NO bite
Elsa – There is nobody better
Mary – One of a kind
Entz & Tony P – Thanks for the shot 👊

To all the badass producers, editors, research, travel, PR & makeup artists who put lipstick on this pig each show… Thank u for dealing with my ass for all these years. I realize it wasn’t always easy but life’s not supposed to be easy… I appreciate your guys’ patience, endurance and willingness to push limits & explore boundaries. 

Lastly, to GiGi, Paul Severino and Carlos Peña… 4 years ago the vision for No Filter Network was born during a Facebook Live in the infamous back corner office, and now 4 years later, that vision has officially become a reality… 

Here’s to keeping it REAL, speaking TRUTH and calling events in the most authentic, informative and educational way possible, with absolutely NO FILTER… The broadcast revolution is happening and you guys were inspirations at the very forefront. 

Much LOVE & GRATITUDE to the entire MLB & MLB Network FAMILY… 

No Filter Network 🎙
Humble Servant

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