Moment of TRUTH

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Well… Today was supposed to be the day that I was going to embark on my first Ultraman Triathlon experience. Rightfully the race was postponed until November because of the ongoing Coronavirus shit show… 

The Ultraman event includes a 6.2-mile swim in Lake Pleasant & 90-mile bike day one, a 170-mile bike day 2, and a double marathon 52.4-mile run for day 3. 

Although I have trained specifically for this event since December, much like the triathlon across the country, training for a 3-day endurance extravaganza like this has been centered around a lifestyle predicated on a long lung-busting (no coronavirus pun intended) and mind rolling sessions as opposed to a specific training regimen.  

So often we do everything we can to cram before the big test and cause ourselves all sorts of anxiety in doing so… We spend much of our lives procrastinating, then go full bore ahead in a panicked attempt to make up for our self-admitted and recognized laziness.

When I was in school and when I first got into endurance sports, this was my basic M.O. 

Yet, if there is one thing that I learned from playing Major League Baseball, it is that accumulated workload over the years is what will always put us in the best position to succeed… Sure, there were days when I would literally hit until my hands bled in search of my swing but the consistency of my work is what ultimately got me to the big leagues and allowed me to stay there.

So, as I eventually embark on this arduous journey, I will entrust not in my last minute “fuck I haven’t swum enough” 10k swim session I did the other day before they cancelled the race, but rather I will draw upon the accumulated body of work over the past 9 years that will lead me to the start line of this ball buster. 

Obviously, life can and will throw us nasty curveballs when we least expect it… Yet so long as we are willing to get in the batter’s box, our experiences, good, bad and ugly will give us the confidence to face the MOMENT OF TRUTH, whenever it arrives. 🤷‍♂️