Momento Mori

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We all will die.

This is another stoic philosophy favorite that is meditated upon not to scare us in a sicko, morbid sort of way, but rather it is used as a reminder for us LIVE OUR LIVES and appreciate every minute we have on earth…


The Problem:

We live like we have an infinite amount of time and we are immortal creatures with no expiration date. Because of ego & insecurities, we make little problems gigantic ones and have a tendency to waste a disgusting amount of time that could undoubtedly be used in a much more productive manner, which could have tangible positive impacts upon society…

The Human Crash Test Dummy Solution:

Don’t shy away from the fact that we will die…

Find comfort in knowing that it is this realization that actually allows us to LIVE. Also, we shouldn’t ever waste our time or anybody else’s. We must use our days as an opportunity to give back in any capacity possible…

Team Go Hard Task:

SCENARIO: We are all going to die in 72 hours. You have access to all the money and resources in the world… Yup, your own private jet, yacht, helicopter, whatever. We also can bring anybody we want with us… Husband, wife, kids, best friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, mistress, whatever you are into. 🤷‍♂️

Where do you go and how do you spend the 72 hours?

EB’s Final 72:

  • Hours 1-5 Jet to New York
  • Hours 5-7 Run along the West Side Highway
  • Hours 7-10 Hamilton
  • Hours 10-15 Jet to Ireland
  • Hours 15 – 19 Speed golf
  • Hours 19 – 24 Irish Pub
  • Hours 24 – 26 Fly To Grimentz, Switzerland
  • Hours 26 – 28 Ski the fresh Pow Pow
  • Hours 28 – 30 Fly to Ibiza
  • Hours 30 – 35 Large Yacht Rave
  • Hours 35 – 37 Fly to Tuscany
  • Hours 37 – 42 Tuscany Bike Ride
  • Hours 42 – 45 Fly to Africa
  • Hours 45 – 49 African Safari
  • Hours 49 – 54 Fly To Japan
  • Hours 54 – 57 Eat best Sushi & Drink Best Saki in the world
  • Hours 57 – 59 Fly to Tavarua, Fiji
  • Hours 59 – 61 Surf one of the world’s best breaks
  • Hour 61 – 67 Fly to Alaska
  • Hours 67 – 70 Helicopter Snowboarding
  • Hours 70 – 72 Flight to Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay, CA
  • Hour 72 – Jump out of plane with a wing suit and a surfboard 15,000 feet over Mavericks surf break – Paddle into 70 foot MONSTER wave at Mavericks 👋