Moments That Matter

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Recently I was in Mt. Hood for the kids ski camp and had my 8 & 10 year old with me… We had an hour before we needed to be somewhere, so we decided to get into the van & go on an adventure! 

The 3 of us had no idea where we were going to go, but we just started driving west on the highway… Cali was sitting shotgun and began telling me all about her bungee jumping experience the day before, while Colton raved about the luge slides he got to go on at the snow park across the way from where we were staying.

The kids spent most of the days on the mountain and their afternoons were typically filled with activities so to have an hour “to kill” so to speak was a rare and cherished moment… Of course my original thought was to fill that time with some sort of new activity and fire another experience at the kids, but as I was driving, I realized I didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world but right there… 

All too often we do everything we can to fill our time with constant activity and I am a firm believer in the incredible power of shared experience… Yet, sometimes the best experiences that we have with our kids or other loved ones aren’t the ones that involve expensive over-planned forced family fun, they are van rides to nowhere that allow for quality organic bonding conversations.

About 30 minutes into the drive we came across a tiny town with a gas station, Dairy Queen and marijuana dispensary… 

That’s the exact time there was a slight break in our conversation and Colton then said: “Daddy, can we please turn around and head back now after we stop at the DQ for a blizzard and the pot shop for a blunt?” 

I’m kidding Mom, he didn’t ask for the blunt but don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story… It just seemed to flow with this Daily Hustle. 👍

You bet your ass we hit up that Dairy Queen though. 🍦 

Bottom line is that when we remove the constant stimuli of technology and sometimes even activity, we will suddenly realize the gigantic value of casual conversation, a blizzard and a blunt… 

I’m still kidding Mom 🤣



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