Thinking Like A Newbie 😅

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Was recently reading our favorite rocket scientist Ozan Varol’s blog about Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx who became the youngest female billionaire in history… 

Blakely had a fascinating quote that really caught me off guard but has a shit ton of TRUTH in it: 

“I see a lot of entrepreneurs with really great ideas freeze in their tracks because of their ‘lack of experience’ or knowledge. But what you ‘don’t’ know could be the very thing that sets you apart from all the rest.”

We talk all the time about the process and the value of accumulating experiences, yet sometimes in life it is our inexperience that can actually be the thing that propels us forward.

As Varol points out, when we are newbies to an industry we are often immune to the status quo, preconceived notions and self-imposed limitations thrust onto us by standard norms. We have a tendency to be disrupters because we think outside the box and instead of following the path that is already carved out, we create our own… 

Look, I still believe there is no greater teacher in life than experience, but if we want to continue to push the envelope and explore what’s possible beyond industry standards, we would all be much better off thinking like the newbies…



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