You Have No F*cking Clue

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Have you Daily Hustlers noticed the name Karl Kuehl continues to make repeat appearances in the Daily Hustle? Well, that’s for good f*cking reason, this dude was a mental mastery SAVAGE… 

Today’s F*IT List chapter is titled “You Have No F*cking Clue” and takes us back to when I first signed with the Oakland A’s and got to meet the LEGENDARY Jedi mind warrior… 


Excerpt from the F*It List


Chapter 37

You Have No F*cking Clue

“Do you know what it takes to play in the big leagues?”

-Karl Kuehl


Next stop was instructional league at the Oakland A’s Minor League complex in Arizona. “Instructs” is generally reserved for an organization’s top 30 prospects. You practice in the morning then usually play games in the early afternoons. While there, they have mini-seminars teaching players about professional baseball and all of the things that may lie ahead. One of the days, Karl Kuehl — yup, the same Karl Kuehl that co-authored The Mental Game of Baseball, gave a talk about what it takes to play in the big leagues. 

“Hey guys. You are all here because you were the best in your high school or college. How many All-Americans do we have in here?” Hands go up all around the room. “How many Minor League all-stars do we have?” A bunch more hands were raised. “You guys have all had a lot of success. You gentlemen got a pretty good idea what it takes to play in the big leagues?” Heads around the entire room nod in agreement. 

Then he broke into the scene right out of Bull Durham when Kevin Costner described to the other minor leaguers what his experience in “The Show” was like. “You hit white balls for batting practice, the stadiums are like cathedrals, you don’t have to carry your own bag, women all have long legs and brains.” Everyone in the room has big smiles on their faces. 

“You guys get it. You all know what it’s like to play in the big leagues, you were born for this. Right?” Now everyone in the room is smiling and nodding. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “You are gosh damn right, Karl!” He then proceeds, “Let me tell you something boys. YOU HAVE NO F*CKING CLUE WHAT IT TAKES TO PLAY IN THE BIG LEAGUES!!! Look around the room, gentlemen, look at the guy sitting to your left, look him in the eyes, look at the guy sitting to the right, look him in the eyes! There are 30 guys in this room and percentages say that only 3 of you will ever play a single F*CKING day in the big leagues! Who’s it going to be?”

It became so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Total silence. I then did what Karl asked us to do. I looked to my left and right; my two roommates and two of my best friends, Jason Hart and Burt Snow, sat there with a bewildered look on their face. Hart was the big slugger from Springfield Missouri and Snow a filthy right-handed pitcher out of Vanderbilt with a devastating slider. I then broke the silence, “Well boys, since there is going to only be 3 of us, you f*cks coming with me?”

Not exactly the direction I thought the author of the book that preaches eternal optimism and positive thinking was going to go, but effective nonetheless. This was real talk. We didn’t have any clue what it was like to play in the big leagues, and ironically, there were exactly 3 guys from instructional league 1998 that ended up playing in “The Show.” Karl Kuehl served as a huge mentor of mine throughout the course of my entire career.


Human Crash Test Dummy Life Lesson #37

Have a realistic perspective on your situation and then immediately get back to work.  It is the work that will give you the confidence to look around the room and ask who’s coming with you. 


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