No Regret

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My Dad used to tell me never to regret the things we have done, only the things we didn’t do…

This can sound a bit twisted and when I brought it up the other day, it got my wife to challenge me to write a Daily Hustle on REGRET so here we go. 👊

Why would we not regret our failures?  Why would we not regret that time when we were a selfish asshole and hurt people closest to us? 

So long as we are decent human beings, it is natural to have feelings of remorse and oftentimes the guilt that is associated with it… 

The problem is that with regret comes an inability to let go of the past and promotes constant self-defeating condemnation and judgment.

By holding onto regret, we become unable to fully immerse ourselves into the NOW because we just can’t let go. We constantly wish things were different and have no faith in what our future will bring because of our inability to pull our heads out of our ass and the past… 

Of course, if I had a chance to do some things over there is plenty I would do differently, and I believe my Dad would have too… Yet, regret is toxic and a never ending cycle of self defeat that will lead us down a rabbit hole that will ultimately bury ourselves alive.

Do things different going forward… YES.

Regret… No. 



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