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A few years ago, I was at MLB Network during the World Series waiting to go on air immediately after the game. That’s when GiGi from our social media team came into our office and asked if she could film us watching the World Series and “Go Live” on Facebook with it…

My office mates were long time big leaguer Carlos Peña and TV host Paul Severino, who is now the play by play guy for the Marlins.

We all hesitated at first then realized 3 dudes chillin and watching a game had the potential to be mildly entertaining, so we gave it a shot.

GiGi fired on her iPhone camera and away we went… Just 3 bro’s sitting in a room bullshitting and reacting live to World Series action.

Somewhat surprising to all of us, the 3 stooges makeshift broadcast was a HUGE hit.

At this point, bells went off and I quickly came to the realization that many fans no longer wanted to hear the traditional water downed filtered commentary provided by 2 people in suits & ties having to watch every word coming out of their mouths. 🤐

This is a much different generation that much prefers organic content predicated on social interaction as opposed to politically correct cliches strictly monitored by leagues, teams, TV executives and the FCC.

Fast forward a year when my family and I were having a BBQ with our neighbors in Half Moon Bay, the Manuele’s, Joe, Karin and their daughter Maia (who is best friends with our middle daughter Cali). 

Joe was the CEO of Highfive Technologies at the time and just so happened to be a die hard sports fan… Knowing I was a broadcaster, he prefaced his question with “no offense,” then asked if I ever watched a game and wished I had other commentators calling the action, or if I ever wanted to take over the broadcast myself?

My response… “ALL THE TIME.”

As a matter of fact, I had just watched the Westminster Dog Show and wanted to commentate so badly that I reached out to an old buddy at Fox (who televised the event) and told him I would quit my job if he was able to get me on the dog show broadcast team. 🐶 

Immediately, I told Joe about my experience with the alternative broadcast from our MLB office during the World Series, how much fun it was and how much of a crazy success it turned out to be.

There was no doubt in both of our minds that this was the future of commentating and a way to democratize an industry that has been suppressed under federal regulations and a corporate dictatorship since its inception.

After a few more tequilas that night, No Filter Network was born and we began the process of making our vision become a reality.  

In February, we incorporated the business, hired Cooley LLP as our law firm, trademarked No Filter and raised a sizable chunk of seed money.  The No Filter Network platform was then developed and built by our badass team of engineers on the brand new Dolby IO platform. 

Our No Filter objective is simple:
Become the highest quality & most interactive live streaming platform on the market while offering users unprecedented organic content and monetization capabilities… 

“Yea yea yea… I’ve heard this song & dance before Byrnes… Why would I possibly use No Filter Network when I have all of these other live streaming options. What makes you think No Filter is so special?” 

Well, good morning Mr. SuperSoft… I thought you would never ask! 

  1. Money – No Filter offers the most comprehensive and easy to use monetization solution ever seen on any social networking or live streaming platform. Beyond earning money for each show, there is a “Tip” option for viewers, so let’s make sure to always bring our A game!
  2. Easy Usability – Name the show, set the time, set the price, set the amount of tickets we want to sell, send out the link to tix, PROMOTE, and then stream!!!
  3. REAL TIME – No Filter streams with ZERO latency which eliminates the awkward delays so often experienced on other platforms. Real time streaming has essentially been unheard of up to this point.
  4. Interactivity – No Filter interactive capabilities are unparalleled. Anybody watching the stream can request to become part of the broadcast by hitting the “knock” button. The NF “host” ultimately controls who they bring on and kick off, but can add as many as 24 people at one time!
  5. Audio/Visual – No Filter’s audio and video powered by Dolby technology are by far the highest quality that I’ve seen on the live streaming market and it’s not even close. 

The concept of No Filter was originally created to provide alternative live commentary options with 3 basic rules in mind… No suits, no ties & no bullshit!!! 

Although we remain committed to delivering exactly that, once the platform was built we quickly realized No Filter Network was capable of so much more and has the ability to make a far greater impact than we could have ever imagined… 

Because of NF’s superior technology and monetization capabilities, No Filter is undoubtedly a PREMIER LIVE PERFORMANCE DESTINATION for musicians, magicians, comedians or any other type of live entertainer looking to be appropriately and fairly compensated for their content. 

The ease-ability to record and edit a stream also make No Filter an ideal platform to host a podcast, webcast, vlog or any other sort of educational or instructional show. 

The technology is beyond cool and the show possibilities are limitless, but the obvious GAME CHANGER is the very real opportunity for No Filter Network users to financially capitalize from the lucrative 80/20 split revenue platform, with 80 percent of all revenue going to our No Filter content creators…. 

Last but definitely not least in this case, each No Filter broadcaster will also have a section where people can schedule a private interactive event for a designated amount of time at a price one hundred percent established by the No Filter creator. 

These private bookings can be used to have your significant other’s favorite celebrity personality toast them for their birthday, or you can get your kids favorite baseball player to come on No Filter and give little Johnny a LIVE virtual private hitting lesson! 

Yup, I realize I just tossed A LOT at you guys, but the possibilities are endless & simply NEXT FUCKING LEVEL. 

Ultimately, we have spent the past two years developing an idea and creating a network that EMPOWERS creators by providing 3 things… 

  1. A Voice
  2. Options
  3. Legitimate EARNING power

Along with some of the biggest names across all sports and the entertainment industry running instructional shows, hosting interactive watch parties and playing tunes, No Filter’s motto of ANYBODY ANYTIME encompasses exactly who we want to become as a platform…

We all know potential hidden gems, whether it’s Pat, the Buffalo Bills loving bricklayer, our co-worker Barbara, the obsessed SF Giants SUPER FANATIC that bleeds orange and black, or Gary the guitar wizard living in his Mom’s basement, the No Filter creators and stars could literally be ANYBODY at ANYTIME. 

The concept and idea of REAL TALK from REAL PEOPLE in REAL TIME is at the absolute CORE of everything No Filter represents… 

The broadcast revolution is officially happening and we couldn’t be any more fired up to be a part of it.  As lifelong sports and entertainment enthusiasts, this movement is incredibly close to our hearts and our fanatic minds. We are humbled to do our part to help lead the charge into an entirely new era of live streaming entertainment, and we look forward to watching YOU DO YOU.

Welcome to No Filter Network, the no fluff, no bullshit live streaming monetization platform where everybody has a voice, authenticity reigns supreme, the music always plays, class is forever in session and the unedited NO FILTER truth is the only thing that ever speaks.


NoFilter.Net 🎙
Humble Servant

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