The Golden Nuggets

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Was watching a Youtube video of Simon Sinek speaking the other day and he definitely got my wheels spinning… 

For those who are unfamiliar with Sinek, he is the author of two fantastic books that I have read called Leaders Eat Last and Start With Why.  Sinek has become famous for his relatively tough love approach to the culture of expectancy that we have somehow created over the past several years. 

In this latest talk that I just watched, Sinek spoke about 5 rules to follow to “find your spark.” Not shocking, Sinek’s 5 rules follow just about all the shit we repeatedly visit here in the Daily Hustle… 

  1. Go after the things that we want (There is no substitute for putting in the work, if we want it we got to GO GET IT.) 
  2. Sometimes we are the problem (Just discussed this in a recent Daily Hustle.) 
  3. Take care of each other (We as humans cannot survive without LOVE) 
  4. Learn to be the last to speak (Another way of glorifying the power of LISTENING) 
  5. It’s not meant for you but for your position (LOVE this one… Forces us to practice humility and gratitude.) 

Look, I really don’t care where we find our FUEL for life, but we must be constantly searching for the gas station. ⛽️ 

Ran into a good family friend and religious Daily Hustle reader/listener Vince Sakowski the other day, and the first thing he said was, “Keep those nuggets coming!!!”  V-Sak then said he starts his day with the Daily Hustle and applies the message of the day to his life then figures out what he needs to do to move FORWARD… 

V-Sak also said he constantly searches for small “nuggets” of inspiration and said it’s incredible where he is able to find them sometimes, specifically referring to conversations he has with “the old dudes” at the gym where he works out… 

Bottom line is that there are golden nuggets of life guidance and motivational love just about everywhere we look in life… We will find them from the Simon Sinek’s of the world and from the 90-year-old naked dudes in the sauna, we just need to make sure we open our f*cking eyes. 👀