Be Obsessed 👊

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I get it.

Obsession is not always perceived as the best trait of an individual.

As a matter of fact, many people despise people who they deem obsessed.

Those same people will typically question your sanity.

They will say things like…

“What’s wrong with you?”
“Are you are out of your mind?”

…or simply “You are f*cking crazy.” 

I’ve heard this sh*t for years.  But the bottom line is that I think back to all of the great accomplishments in my life and there is no doubt they were directly related to obsessions.

I was obsessed with trying to become a better hitter, hitting baseballs in my backyard until my hands would bleed…

RESULT: UCLA Hall of Fame, 11 Major League Seasons.

I was obsessed trying to figure out a way to become a better outfielder, taking upwards of 100 fly balls a day…

RESULT: Bill James Fielding Bible Award, given to the BEST defender at each position according to OBJECTIVE methodology.

I was obsessed with trying to become a faster runner and overall better athlete, spending endless hours in the gym & on the track (Thanks T).

RESULT: 1 of 11 players in MLB history to hit 20 Homers and steal 50 bases in the same season, 109 big league homers, 129 big league bags.

I was obsessed with trying to figure out how to run a radio show, preparing endless hours by watching games, reading articles & listening to other shows…

RESULT: Success is SUBJECTIVE but I thought I went from bad, to OK, to good, to f*cking CRUSHING it on a nightly basis.

I was/am obsessed with trying to figure out how to dominate a television program, constantly thinking about how to bring something of value to the viewers…

RESULT: Multiple Emmy Awards & I somehow still have a job.

I was/am obsessed with learning how to swim, bike & run extraordinary distances, challenging my physical and mental limits on a daily basis…

RESULT: Boston Marathon/Ironman 70.3 World Championship Qualifier, 11 Full Distance Ironmans, 20 + Ultra Marathons, Western States 100 Silver Belt Buckler.

I was/am obsessed with figuring out the fastest way to play a round of golf, spending ridiculous hours practicing different techniques…

RESULT: World Record 245 Holes In 12 Hours

I was/am obsessed with trying to become the best father I can be to my children, doing everything I can to find the balance between being an authoritative hard ass and their very best friend…

RESULT: TBD but damn I love those little sh*ts.

Is being obsessed really all that bad?