We are our habits

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Many times here in the Daily Hustle we have said:

“We are what we do.”

Cool… Now that we have that understood I think it’s time to take it to the next level to ensure we are doing the RIGHT things.

So often in life we develop habits and those habits consume a large amount of time throughout the course of our day…

For instance, if you are checking social media for hours and hours out of the day, that certainly will classify as an aggressive habit, but unless social media is your profession or you are liking and commenting on my posts, you are simply wasting your time and filling your head with filtered bullshit images and plenty of politically skewed news intended to incite over emotional reactions by viewers and readers… 

While at UCLA, my roommates and I created the original productivity chart which soon after became known as The F*IT List. 

The one thing I noticed when we began charting our day’s activities is that I had habits, both good and bad, that whether I liked it or not, defined exactly who I was at that moment in time. 

We all have habits we aren’t overly proud of and many of us have habits we believe have the ability to positively influence others… Either way, WE ARE OUR HABITS so choose wisely. 

Oh yea, and for those who think this is some sort of revolutionary self help bullshit, think again! Over 2000 years ago Aristotle left us with this sage savage wisdom…. 

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”


P.S.  Need some habit recommendations? Click here to download The Daily F*IT List PDF which includes 22 habits I partake in on a daily basis… Full disclosure, drinking my nightly tequila is not on the list but feel free to add it. 🥃