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Just recently dove into Dan Crenshaw’s new book called Fortitude, which just so happens to be one of the most fantastic things I have laid eyes on in a long time…

For those unfamiliar with Crenshaw, he is a former Navy Seal turned US Congressman who was blown up and nearly killed by an IED while serving in Afghanistan. 

Many believed Crenshaw would never see again, but he had overcome long odds before and drew inspiration from the arduous fight he watched his mother go through before succumbing to breast cancer while he was a kid growing up in west Texas… Needless to say, Crenshaw fought and regained his sight in one eye, patched up the other and went to work doing what was in his power to positively impact the future of our nation by embarking on a career in politics… 

For curiosity’s sake, I just looked up “fortitude” in the online dictionary and the official definition is actually a bit more simplistic than I thought:

“Courage in pain or adversity.” 

This is obviously something Crenshaw knows more about than most Americans, and Crenshaw lays out how and why this sort of approach to life could help each and every one of us rid ourselves of the ever growing, self-entitled bullshit outraged victim mentality that has become all too prominent in today’s society… 

As Crenshaw so brilliantly points out in the book’s introduction:

“Outrage is weakness.  It is the muting of rational thinking and the triumph of emotion.  Despite what you have been hearing or seeing as of late, it is not a virtue.  It is not something to be celebrated, nor praised, nor aspired to.  It is a deeply human emotion – even understandable at times – but rarely is it productive, virtuous or useful.  It is an emotion to overcome, not accept, and overcoming it requires mental strength.  This book is about acquiring that necessary mental fortitude.” 

Crenshaw points out that it is not just the millennials or the Gen Z’s that foster the outage culture, but rather it’s the way our entire political system is set up and the mass media that glorifies and sensationalizes anything and everything just to get a click… 

The bottom line: Regardless of political affiliation, gender, race or religious beliefs, we all need to chill the fuck out and start figuring out how to solve problems with a calm, rational and inclusive open mindset predicated on basic fortitude as opposed to exasperating problems with over emotional, irrational self-defeating actions fueled by OUTRAGE. 


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