With Passion & Purpose…

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Building off of yesterday’s Linchpin Daily Hustle, we ended with “Passion & Purpose.” 

Let’s explore a bit more exactly what that means…

Ironically, my Dad used to sign off many of his letters and emails… 

“With passion & purpose, Jim Byrnes” 

Of course I thought it was dorky and kinda like the capri’s he used to rock, so I would laugh and write it off as Dad just being Dad. 

After yesterday’s Daily Hustle highlighting the overall effectiveness of passion with purpose, I couldn’t help but think of the old man and the actual message he was trying to share… 

Ever since I was a kid, I was a passionate little fucker… Just about anything and everything I did in life was an emotional FULL SEND and I would wear my heart on my sleeve and put the hard thumping little red thing into everything I did.

Passion has never been the issue, purpose on the other hand has been a bit more difficult to wrangle… Purpose is our direction and without a proper road map or game plan, it’s easy to get lost and in turn, completely waste our passion.

When I first got to the big leagues, I found it difficult to control my excitement. I was a bit like a chicken with his melon chopped off, all sorts of passionate activity with no freaking idea where I was going…

Eventually, a decapitated chicken will peel over and die, never finding its way. 

The good thing is that so long as we are reading this our heads are still attached which means we still have the ability to direct our passion and find our purpose.

Once I settled into the major league lifestyle, it became clear what I needed to do to be able to navigate my way to success… I figured out that passionately trying too hard was working against me and in order to persevere I needed to establish a routine that allowed for me to navigate and adapt to the turbulent waters and ever changing tides.  

Much like the current Daily F*IT List, that routine brought structure and direction to my passion and helped me remain consistent in my preparation and allowed me to focus solely on executing what was and is within my control.  

Passion is a beautiful thing but without purpose it is wasted energy and will eventually be deemed useless… Purpose on the other hand is the map to the golden treasure of life but without passion, we will never develop the nut sack to be able to take on and defeat the pirates chasing the exact same treasure chest we are. 

So, years after loud laughing at the ridiculousness of my Dad’s choice of concluding words, I guess it seems fitting to sign off this Daily Hustle with an old familiar saying… 

With passion and purpose, EB


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