The Perfect World 🌎

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Was having a conversation with avid Daily Hustler Brian Kenny the other day when we were talking about the flow of the Top 10 centerfielder’s show we were taping… 

In contrast to the previous day, this show was filled with some hiccups along the way, and we definitely could sense the frustration building amongst everybody. 

That’s about the point when BK said with a laugh… 

“You see… I don’t want obstacles in the way, I want the obstacles out of the way!” 

BK, of course, was referring to Ryan Holiday’s book and the ancient Stoic philosophy principle that “The Obstacle Is The Way.” 

It’s tough to argue BK’s point… 

Life is much easier when the obstacles are out of the way. When the wind is at our back and the sailing is smooth, we typically are both efficient and effective… When the road is paved and traffic is clear, we can turn on the auto-drive and cruise off into the sunset.

So what’s the issue? 

It ain’t real life… 

Although we may have days and shows that flawlessly play out, the reality is that the only reason why we have ever come to appreciate an obstacle-free ride is because of our acknowledgment of the obstacle itself.

When we do face the obstacle, it is not meant to be this incredibly joyous experience, but the value that we ultimately receive from the encounter is far greater than any unobstructed walk down the yellow brick road. 

Obstacles are not always fun and can be a f*cking gigantic pain in the ass… Yet, it’s these moments that teach us humility, gratitude and how to deal with adversity all while continuing to move forward.

Difficult times are beautiful reminders that allow us to genuinely appreciate the moments in life when we are able to experience the obstacle-free path… 

Listen BK, just as our dude Yogi said:

“If the world were perfect, it wouldn’t be.” 🤔