Pick 6

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When we first created the Daily F*IT List 22 last year, the idea was to provide 22 daily activities that would help us maximize our lifestyles… 

As much as I adhere to many of the items on a daily basis, it is rare for me to knock out all 22; yet, I have noticed that there are 6 items on the list that I do complete each and every single day. I did not specifically pick these six; it was much more of a situation in which they picked me…

As we talk about so often in the Daily Hustle, it’s always the start that stops us… I never expected any of you to knock out all 22 items daily, but I did expect you to pick a certain number of Daily F*IT List items and implement them into your lifestyle. These are the ones that become as routine as waking up and going to bed; they are the game changers; the activities that provide the CHARGE to our life journey… 

Here my Daily Hustle Savant Savages is what I like to refer to as my PICK 6:

  1. Coffee and Butter please – When we roll out of the rack, we need fuel to fire up the body…. The coffee provides the caffeine (still the only legal known performance enhancer) and the fat in the butter provides the sustained energy. Our body works off of fat, ketones, carbs and protein; what we feed it is what it will use as fuel. When we feed it fat, it will burn fat as its primary energy source; when we feed it a carb loaded donut, it will use the carbs as its fuel source… What’s the big difference you ask, Stevie Super Soft??? It’s been scientifically proven that our body can run off of carbs for 2 hours and fat for 2 days… Your choice. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Brain Juice – I spend the first 30-60 minutes of my day knocking out a 10-min Daily Calm meditation, then follow that up with a Daily Devotional, Daily Stoic and Daily Hustle reading… This instantly provides much needed perspective in a chaotic world and assures I begin the day with key virtues at the forefront of my mind.
  3. Power Hour – The next 60 plus minutes of the day are spent engaging in some form of exercise… Oftentimes, 60 minutes will become several hours depending on what sort of ultra endurance event I may be training for, but the power hour is the baseline amount of activity that I know will stimulate sustainable brain activity that will last throughout the course of the entire day.
  4. Scottish Shower – Yup, EVERYDAY, EVERY SHOWER… The benefits of an ice cold shower include strengthening our immune system, lowering our blood pressure, promoting fat loss, increased testosterone, improves fertility, lowers stress, fights depression, enhances skin and hair, fosters faster muscle recovery, and ultimately, it will help you sleep better…. Suck it up buttercup. 🚿 
  5. Dopamine Jumps – Ever get to the middle of the afternoon and feel like you are going to CRASH… Yup, me too. This is a natural low in our biological clocks and there is no reason to fight it. After a good 20-30 minute relaxation period (if possible), it’s time to get our ass back in gear… Dopamine jumps are an easy way to fire the system back up. Simply jump as high as you can 10 times and you will feel a sensation overtake your body that says “let’s party.” 3 sets of 10 is ideal and they can be done at any point in the day.
  6. Foot Reflexology Reflection – We worked our asses off throughout the day and ideally accomplished a lot of shit along the way… Before bed, I have gotten into the habit of spending a good 5-15 minutes standing on top of my foot reflexology boards and reflecting on the happenings of the day. The board promotes blood flow to all areas of the body which primes the body for recovery while sleeping. Think of the reflection as clearing the mind… In order for us to have a quality sleep session, we must figure out a way to quiet our minds and the only way this is done is by cleaning out all the shit we accumulated throughout the day.

Ironically (I just thought about this), If you hit the Pick 6 at the race track, the payout is off the freaking charts… Well, if we hit the above Pick Six on a daily basis, we will reap the same sort of award… 

Let’s just make sure we remember the real reward is found in the PROCESS. 👊



P.S. To see the Pick 6 as well as the remaining 16 Daily Life Optimization Activities that make up my Daily F*It List, click here to get the PDF version

P.P.S. While I don’t know the exact science behind these 22 items… trust me, this sh*t works.