Plan B

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There was a very interesting chapter in Dan Crenshaw’s book Fortitude that talked about “Plan B.”

As a kid Crenshaw read a book about Navy Seals and basically from that point on he became dead set on one day becoming a member of the Navy’s elite special forces team… 

“Plan B” in Crenshaw’s mind was non-existent, there were no thoughts of anything other than him fulfilling his destiny by remaining persistent and consistent with his actions. 

Dan Crenshaw became a Navy Seal because he focused all of his effort and energy on the process and disallowed his intentions to waiver from the ultimate goal.

Obviously I took a much different path in life, but from the time I was 9 years old, I had the dream of playing Major League Baseball and then becoming a sports broadcaster… I even went so far to write a paper on my future career path which the teacher essentially told me to make sure I have a “Plan B” because every little boy wants to play baseball and become a sports broadcaster.  

I was ridiculed and laughed at along the way and oftentimes kept my future visions to myself… Yet I also remained completely focused and immersed in the process and did everything in my power to make my dreams become a reality.

When people asked about my “Plan B” I would come up with some bullshit answer, but the reality was that there never was a “Plan B.” 

“But what if it didn’t work out and you didn’t become an MLB player and a sports commentator?”

Good morning Mr. SuperSoft… If it happened to not work out, I would have crossed that bridge when I got there and if there was no bridge to cross, I simply would have swam across the river. You see dude, at one point or another we will all face obstacles but so long as we know where we are going, maintain our ability to adapt and adjust, and go ALL FUCKING IN, we will inevitably find our way to the other side… 

No “Plan B” necessary.



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