Poetry Winners

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A couple weeks ago I unveiled my poetic masterpiece titled “Stay Bamf’s” that took the literary world by storm… 

Kowalski backed that up with a genius gem of his own which prompted me to open up the Go Hard shop for a little good old fashion poetry contest.

After sifting through hundreds of submissions, it is clear that this group is English language challenged, but it is also apparent that we got some funny ass mother fuckers that definitely brought a lot of smiles to our faces… 

As much as we would have liked to recognize everybody who submitted a poem, there ain’t no participation trophies here so let’s remember you didn’t write this for us, you wrote it for you!!!! 

As mentioned before, writing poetry has the ability to open up the inner-most creative side of our brain while embracing our purest and most raw emotions imaginable… It has even been said that poetic creations can help build our immune systems, so if you didn’t participate in our Go Hard Poetry contest and have since been struck down by Covid 19, it’s probably a good time to start writing. ✍️ 😷

With no further ado, I present to you our 2020 Go Hard Poetry Contest CHAMPIONS 👊

Get out of my yard… 

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Stress is at its max
Seems there’s nothing I can do

There’s nowhere to run
There’s nowhere to hide
I feel like Jack Torrance
All trapped up inside 

There’s no baseball,
No playoffs, No youth activities
No high fives, no hugs,
No family festivities 

What the fuck are we doing; I’m writing a poem
While sitting in bed late at night all alone
Time to puff out our chests, sack back up and state
That our souls are something it cannot castrate
“Fuck you COVID, get out of my yard!

-AC (Adam Crisafulli) 


It’s Go Time… 

No time for looking back
Gatherings can’t be formal
We question the road ahead
Is it the new normal 

We keep moving forward
There is light ahead in movement
Everyday brings curve flattening improvement
Do we accept the new daily challenge

Yes, it’s the only go hard option
So charge ahead and be a little pissed
Check your daily F*It list
Who did the most

Who did the most on this day with what they had
You can bet your ass it’s this go hard dad
What time is it
It’s go time.

-Reuben Williams 

Reuben & Adam, I am pretty sure this is the greatest honor of your lives so we here at #TeamGoHard would like to commemorate your victories with an exclusive orange & black Go Hard lid and a personally signed copy of The F*IT List – Life Lessons From A Human Crash Test Dummy… 

Congrats, your lives will never be the same. 🍾 



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