The Power of Poetry

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Was listening to a Daily Calm a couple weeks ago that highlighted the benefits of writing poetry… 

It talked about how poetry forces us to dig deep into our feelings and then transfer those emotions into words that we lay out onto a page, and in turn, completely embracing the vulnerability in ourselves and our writing.

They even went so far as to suggest that writing poetry can help strengthen our immune systems… 

That said, probably not a bad idea or time for all of us to give it our best Robert Frost impersonation… I’ll go first. 🙋‍♂️

“Stay B.A.M.F’s”

It’s the start that stops us,
One foot in front of the other,
Keep moving forward,
Not a choice,
It’s an order. 

Been knocked down,
Hurts so badly,
Feelings personal,
Emotions crushed,
Appears to most, will end so sadly.

We know better,
Mindset is king,
Control the controllables,
Let go, let GOD, on everything. 

Get up,
Keep fighting,
Survive & thrive,
The pain is real,
Lets us know; we’re still ALIVE. 

House rules state,
No whiners, Be kind,
Quit bitching, Keep loving,
We’ll be just fine. 

We say go hard,
What does that mean,
Live our lives,
Charge on,
Just swing. 

The time is now,
No need to wait,
Ahead we go,
Over, through, around
Every single gate.

Grateful for Everything,
Amor Fati,
We will die,
Memento Mori. 

Don’t be scared,
The arrow smilies,
It comes for all,
Embrace our fears,
Smile back,
Stand up tall.  

When it’s over,
Never suckers,
Bonded together,

Stay B.A.M.F’s,



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