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On Father’s Day I got a card from my kids that spelled out Daddy…

After each letter of the word was a phrase built in that created a fantastic Daddy acronym. 

The first phrase working off the D was, “Dude, what’s with all the notes and quotes?!” 

Well… Since you little shits asked. Let’s dive in.

From the beginning of quarantine, I have laid out a different quote on yellow and green sticky notes from a wide range of historical influencers… Now that the number of quarantine days are into the hundreds so are the notes. There’s no question that the collection of notes, which remain on the family board, may seem a tad overwhelming to many, yet much like life, in order to fully immerse ourselves in the moment we have no choice but to live our lives one quote at a time…

The quotes remain visible as a reminder of the work that we have and need to continue to put in. 

Life lessons must be constantly reinforced and meditated upon and one way to do that is to literally stick them in our face… 

The funny thing is that this actually has nothing to do with notes or quotes. 

The messages we receive in life are omnipresent but the underlying question is whether or not we decide to digest it. 



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