Reaching OUR potential

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Through this quarantine lockdown I’ve become obsessed with continuing to move and have spent a large amount of time on the treadmill and staying active around our home… 

The 20 plus mile per day average has been a fun little streak to keep my mind and body preoccupied as we all have had to make adjustments to our normal routines. 

The result of the heavy mileage has been a consistent 40-80k step count and like always, I wanted to figure out a way to get the family involved in the fun 🙂 

I recently got a new watch so I took my old watch and put it on Colton so he could track his steps… The next day I put it on Chloe and then Cali.

The first go around I simply told them to see what they could get and they all came in around the 15k range… Cali took the cake with an 18,000 step day, let the others know she was the “step count champ” and then lit a fire in the other two…

It was now officially ON.

Chloe immediately turned in a 26,000 step day followed by Colton knocking out 34,265 which at the time of this writing stands as the current kid record. 😳 

Competition is in our blood and we basically have two choices on how to deal with it:

  1. Avoid it at all costs while using the excuse that we are “not a competitive person.”

  2. Embrace it for what it is… A motivating factor that has the potential to bring out the very best in all of us. 

We as humans thrive off of a community that pushes us beyond our comfort zone, yet we oftentimes try to avoid them because it’s going to force us to work harder and DO MORE.

Get over the competition stigmas, put a smile on your face, and use competitive people and events as gigantic stepping stones that ultimately lead us toward the only thing that should ever genuinely matter…

Reaching OUR potential. 



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