The Power of Praise

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Dale Carnegie was a savage in the self-help and mental performance game well before the rest of the world had any idea what these terms meant… 

One of the things that he often talked about was the positive effects that encouragement and praise can ultimately have on somebody’s life.

In contrast to ridicule and judgment, which promote apathy and quit, encouragement and praise motivate people to keep charging forward. The encouragement is the fuel for action and the praise is the most meaningful and sustainable reward we can ever receive…

Yet not all praise is created equal…

Authentic praise is clearly uplifting but BS praise is counterproductive and devalues everything else that person says because we all know they are full of shit. 

So… How do we make sure we tap into the true POWER OF PRAISE? This is what our dude Dale suggests:

1. Praise from your heart – So long as it’s from the heart the authenticity will never be questioned.

2. Praise as soon as possible – Opportunities in life have a shelf life just like bread. Of course we can give praise and eat the bread past the expiration date, but it’s going to be stale and most likely a bit moldy.

3. Make praise specific – When we praise something specific it immediately puts a legitimate blue check mark next to our praise.

4. Praise people publicly – The power of public praise is enormous because it not only lifts the praised person up but it sets a beautiful example for others to follow.

Bottom line… Seek the positive deeds and attributes of others, share them in a time sensitive and specific manner, then go ahead and publicly celebrate the POWER OF PRAISE. 🗣


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