Courageous & Prompt ACTION

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I get it, sometimes it can be tough to take action… Especially when that action requires stepping out into an unknown world surrounded by criticism and judgment.

Putting our balls on the line isn’t always the easiest or most comfortable thing… The chopping block is real and so are our reservations. 

Because of the perceived obstacles, we tiptoe around each corner and even if we do continue to move forward, we do so with a timidness that becomes a self-imposed hindrance that is destined to lead us the wrong direction down a one way back alley where we face speeding oncoming traffic head on or a mugger that is going to kick our ass & take our lunch money… 

So how do we possibly put ourselves in a position to succeed without getting run over or beat down? 

Pretty simple actually…

Ancient Stoic savage Seneca once said:

“Anything that yet be done, virtue can do with courage and promptness.” 

Damn right my dude 👊

When we keep virtue at the forefront of everything that we do, we will act courageously and promptly without the disillusions that so often stop us… The funny thing is that those disillusions are brought on by one basic recurring and relentless thing that is the numero uno reason for resistance, FEAR, and the only way we will ever counter that fear is by taking courageous and prompt ACTION. 



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