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We think we have it tough… 

The events of 2020 and specifically the Covid pandemic massive worldwide economic shutdown undoubtedly have us enduring unprecedented times… Racial tensions seem to be at an all time high since the 1960’s and the US political landscape is the most polarizing that I have seen in my lifetime… 

All that said, to think we are unique in dealing with large scale adversities is grossly naive and disrespectful to all who have come before… Over emotional reactions and outrage may be well intentioned, but they are weaknesses and epitomize the arrogance and false expectations of our current generation.

Look no further than somebody born in 1901 that lived to be 100 years old… Here is an abbreviated list of shit they encountered in their lifetime:

1901 – President McKinley assassination
1906 – SF earthquake
1917 – US enters WWI
1918 – Flu pandemic affecting 20 million & killing 500k in US alone
1929 – Stock market crash ignites Great Depression
1941 – Japan attacks Pearl Harbor → US enters WWII
1944 – US drops 2 nukes on Japan
1950 – US enters Korean War to try to stop spread of communism
1961 – Bay Of Pigs
1962 – Cuban Missile Crisis
1963 – JFK assassinated
1965 – US troops enter Vietnam
1965 – Watts Riots highlight several civil rights movements across the country
1968 – MLK assassinated
1968 – RFK assassinated
1970 – National Guardsmen kill 4 students during an anti war protest at Kent State
1972 – 5 men working on Nixon’s re-election get arrested for breaking into the democratic headquarters at the Watergate Hotel
1974 – Nixon resigns amongst the Watergate turmoil
1980 – US boycotts Olympics over Russia’s presence in Afghanistan
1981 – President Reagan gets shot in the chest in an assassination attempt
1986 – The Challenger explodes
1987 – Iran Contra scandal
1989 – Exxon Valdez responsible for largest oil spill in US history
1989 – US forces invade Panama to capture Manuel Noriega
1989 – SF earthquake during Bay Bridge World Series
1991 – US leads coalition forces in Persian Gulf war to drive Iraq out of Kuwait
1992 – Rodney King Riots
1995 – Bombing of Federal building in Oklahoma City kills 168
1998 – House of Representatives votes to  impeach Clinton amid sexual affairs
1999 – Columbine School shooting
2000 – Al Gore/George W Bush vote recount and major election controversy
2001 – 9-11 

Are the current times challenging? Of course, but ultimately our lives aren’t defined by the uncontrollable events and happenings that transpire; our lives are defined by our reaction and subsequent actions… 

So… QUIT BITCHING and start living, that’s all we can control. 



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