Rents Due

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By now most of us have heard some variation of the phrase: 

“Success isn’t owned, it’s leased and rents due every day.” 

When I first heard this, it really resonated with me for a multitude of reasons… Throughout the course of my life I have experienced some success as well as many failures. 

Ironically, when I think back to any of my successes, they just so happened to correspond to times in my life where my rent was paid in full and on time… 

“Uh… Professor EB, how much rent did you have to pay?” 

Good Morning Mr. SuperSoft… 

The funny thing is that rent actually didn’t cost me a single dollar… Put simply, rent was paid in WORK predicated on establishing a consistent routine and remaining dedicated to the complete process on a daily basis… 

Whether it was when I was in school, playing professional baseball, broadcasting, writing or partaking in the ultra endurance world, I have almost always gotten out what I put in… In the cases along the way when I fell behind on my so called payments, not shockingly, my success was quickly repossessed. 

No matter what we do in life, success is a borrowed commodity that will never be for sale and is impossible to own… The only thing we can do is be good tenants by continuing to pay rent each and every single f*ing day. 



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