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We will all have difficult choices in our life that will ultimately determine the direction that we eventually go in our lives…

Yet as much as these choices are directional, they are NOT the determinant of our success nor the cause of our happiness.

When I was a free agent in 2006, I had several job offers that seemed like incredible opportunities to get my career back on track after a tough second half of the 2005 season. I eventually chose to sign with the Arizona Diamondbacks and followed up that choice with my two best years in the major leagues… On the surface, it’s easy to say I made the RIGHT CHOICE. 

The next time I was a free agent was 2010, and once again, I had several comparable job offers that offered a chance to get my career back on track after a couple injury plagued seasons. This time, I decided to sign with the Seattle Mariners… One month into the season, I was 3-33, got released and rode out of town on my beach cruiser… On the surface, it’s easy to say I made the WRONG choice. 

Well, the reality of the situation is that me getting released led to my first TV gig calling games for ESPN, and eventually, a position with MLB Network… It also allowed me to find triathlon and the ultra endurance world, which has undoubtedly forever changed my life in the most positive way imaginable… The F*IT List, Daily Hustle and Let Them Play Foundation all stem from what we perceived on the surface to be the WRONG choice…

Bottom line is that each day we are making choices in our lives that lead us in a certain direction… 

Yet, it’s NOT the choices that we make that determine the ultimate outcome, it’s our ability to make the absolute most out of the choices that we made, RIGHT or WRONG. 👊