Running Down A Dream

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Was listening to this Tom Petty classic the other day and for the first time really paid attention to the lyrics…

“Running down a dream

It never would come to me 

Working on a mystery 

Going wherever it leads 

Running down a dream” 

Let’s dive in… 

From a very young age, we are always told to chase our dreams.

We are encouraged to go after what’s important to us, and so long as we work hard and continue to believe, anything is possible. 

But what happens when we aren’t quite sure of our dream or maybe our dream just fizzles out and isn’t our dream anymore… Now what are we supposed to do? 

Well, like our boy TP says, we aren’t always going to know exactly what our dream is and it may still be a complete and total mystery… Yet, the key to chasing our dream is staying fluid & putting ourselves in a position to be able follow where that dream is leading us.  

Sure, 30 years ago I would have told you my dream was to play Major League Baseball… But once that box was checked, like many people going through a transitional period, I had no f*cking clue what my dream was… So, I just kept running (pun intended). 

9 years later, I’ve delved into many different arenas in life including radio, television, triathlon, ultra running, speed golf and this thing they call fatherhood… None of it (with the exception of fatherhood) is anything I would have ever considered my “dream,” but all of it has been incredibly educational and entertaining. Most importantly though, it is these life experiences that have led me to what I would consider my current dream, right NOW:

“Doing my best to inspire and motivate individuals to maximize their potential by living a life predicated on movement, education, experience and doing epic shit.” 

So long as we are able to follow our dude Tommy’s instructions… 

I promise, we are going to run that bitch down. 🏃‍♂️